About Sandra Selby

For Sandra Selby, being focused on the positive has become her lifestyle. Operating two businesses from her home office, Sandra has learned to effectively keep herself positive and productive…well, most of the time! She is the mother of two young adults, and lives in San Diego, California with her handsome husband.

After graduating with her RN degree from the University of Minnesota and Anoka Ramsey Colleges in Minnesota, she moved to sunny San Diego, California in 1976. She worked in hospital nursing positions until May 2000, retiring to work exclusively with her ceramic art business-The Bright Side Studio. Her Bright Side art designs are featured on the cover and interior of The Five Minute Positive Focus Daily Journal. In May 2009, in response to the recessionary financial situation, Sandra put her nursing stethoscope back on…only this time she started her own business as a private duty nurse specializing in post-operative and fertility clients. Presently, Sandra enjoys the variety of both of her businesses.

Sandra was introduced to the Positive Focus concept thirty years ago during a very difficult time in her life. She was experiencing post-partum depression and could not see her way out of it. She was so grateful to find a therapist who began using Creative Visualization techniques, followed by Affirmations and other concepts such as Positive Focus. At first Sandra was hesitant to believe that it was possible to make a change in her reality by thinking differently, but results started to show otherwise. She began to take better care of herself and her family, initiated some creative projects that she had neglected for many months, and began seeking out new friends who believed in this same new positive fashion.

Sandra has been a journal writer exploring many different types of journaling processes for over 40 years. In January 2011, Jane McAllen, the manager of The Unity Center bookstore in San Diego, requested that Sandra create a quick and easy journal to help people feel more positive and productive. In October 2012 The Five Minute Positive Focus Daily Journal was published by Balboa Press.